GT Hunt ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡จ

Operated by Alphonse Fishing Company, Cosmoledo is located in the outer atolls of the Seychelles in perhaps the most remote fishing location anglers can experience today. Also known as GT (Giant Trevally) capital of the world, this film tells the anglers story about catching GTโ€™s at Cosmoledo and why they are such an incredible fish to hunt.

The Cosmoledo experience consists of living in a 39ft catamaran for 6 nights and exploring the large white sand flats, lagoon edges and channels of the Cosmoledo Athol that are ruled by the giant trevally.

The fishing blew our minds and was something we had never experienced before. The GTโ€™s were everywhere hunting anything they could find for a meal. The takes were brutal and the powerful giants took off with explosive force! Broken fly lines, screaming reels and solid bent rods was an incredible way to test the real power of our tackle.

Along with world class GT fishing we hunted for many species including large bone fish, trigger fish, yellow fin tuna, wahoo and sailfish. As the tides and conditions changed the brilliant guides would change tactics and location to always maximise the fishing to the full potential.

Gear used –

Nero – Cross SW 1290 & 1090, Opti MegaLOOP & Opti Gyre, Marauder sand tech shirt, X10 Blue/Grey sunglasses, TPU 23L backpack, LOOP headover

Viedas – Cross SW 1290 & 1090, Opti MegaLOOP & Opti Gyre, Marauder Blue tech shirt, X10 Green sunglasses, 35L backpack, LOOP headover