Fly Fishing in the Caribbean: The Ultimate Guide

Fly fishing in the Bahamas

Are you dreaming of your next sun-soaked fishing trip? If you’re planning to travel to the breathtaking Caribbean for your next fly fishing adventure, then the Bahamas should be top of your list.

Known as the ‘Bonefish Capital of the World’, there’s nowhere better to target bonefish than the flats of the Bahamas. And if you’re visiting with non-fishing friends or families, then these islands are the perfect destination for everyone. With the best fly fishing in the Caribbean as well as fantastic bonefishing, white sandy beaches, clear water, and all-encompassing lodges, there’s something for everyone in the Bahamas.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about fly fishing in the Bahamas, including where in the country to fly to, the best time of year to travel, common fish in the Bahamas, the LOOP Travel lodge, and the clothing and equipment you should take with you.

Where to fly to in the Bahamas for your fly fishing trip

The best bonefishing in the Bahamas is on the beautiful south Andros. You’ll depart from your home city to Nassau airport, the main international gateway for visitors to the Bahamas. From there, you’ll continue your journey to South Andros, either by plane or on a ferry.

If you book one LOOP Travel’s Bahamas fly fishing trips, you’ll be accompanied directly to your booked lodge.

What time of year to go fly fishing in the Caribbean

The weather in the Bahamas is fantastic all year round, with temperatures ranging from roughly 24°C to 29°C. The high season runs from mid-December to mid-April, with lots of sunshine, warm temperatures and drier weather. The low season is between August and November, during which the weather is rainier, but the islands are quieter and hotels are cheaper. Mid-April to June is an extremely popular time for visitors to the Bahamas, with high temperatures and lots of parties happening across the islands.

In terms of fishing, the fly fishing season in the Bahamas begins in October and continues through to early June. Towards the end of the season, you’ll find the island gets very busy so it’s best to plan your trip accordingly. If you’re looking for fewer crowds and warm weather, you might want to visit earlier in the high season, to make the most of having this stunning location to yourself before the crowds of tourists descend on South Andros.

However, if you can’t travel during then, or want to explore the Bahamas during a different time of year, don’t worry. Permit fishing can be enjoyed year-round and LOOP Travel can accommodate anglers from January to December.

What kind of fish to expect in the Caribbean

The Bahamas is well-known for the quality and quantity of bonefish. We’ll discuss fly fishing for bonefish in the Bahamas in more detail later in this article, but there’s more to fly fishing in this incredible country than just bonefish. Some of the most common fish in the Bahamas, other than bonefish, include:


Long and lean, barracuda are an intelligent species of fish with a knack for evading the lure. They’re best caught using spinning or trolling methods, along with bait. Bright, shiny spinners or whole small fish like sardines are both good choices for tempting barracuda.

Fly fishing for barracuda in the Bahamas
Crevalle Jack

Crevalle jack, also known as common jack, couvalli jack, black cavalli, black-tailed trevally, and yellow cavalli, is a large fish that lives in warm waters. It can be targeted by spinning, fly fishing, trolling and casting from the beach – but when you’re fly fishing, the retrieve needs to be at a fast pace, with no pauses or stops otherwise these intelligent fish will lose interest.


The permit fish of the West Atlantic is one of the ‘big three’ of flat fishing, along with tarpon and bonefish. It’s also one of the most difficult to catch – but your best bet is to use blue crabs, otherwise known as ‘permit candy’. If you get lucky, you’ll have life-long bragging rights! You’ll find permits on the west side of Andros, and on Crooked Island.


Triggerfish are the largest member of the Balistidae family, and the clear blue waters of the Bahamas are the perfect place to fish for them. These fish are most commonly caught on baits presented on the seabed, but they can also be caught on deep float fished baits, especially if they’re allowed to slowly drift around the area with the tidal flow where the triggerfish are feeding.

If you’re looking for some support when fly tying, check out LOOP Akademi’s Fly Tying Guides featuring tutorials, patterns and techniques from our team of world class fly fishers.

Fly fishing for Bonefish in the Bahamas

As we’ve already mentioned, many anglers flock to the world-class destination of the Bahamas for the chance of catching bonefish.

There are over 700 islands in the Bahamas, each with flats that are perfect for catching these strong, fast fish. Of all these islands, Andros Island is the largest, and also the best for bonefishing. It has miles of spectacular flats that are ideal for both beginners and experienced fly fishers alike.

The waters all around Andros are dotted with mangrove stands, patches of turtle grass and countless inlets, all providing the perfect habitat for bonefish. That means there are plenty of opportunities for anglers to make a catch, and with such a plentiful supply of fish in the waters surrounding the islands, you can take shots all day long.

Not only are the Bahamian waters full of bonefish, but the local guides are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to where to find the best bonefish.
Ready to experience some of the best fly fishing in the world, in the warmth of the Caribbean? Keep reading to learn about the different fly fishing lodges available from LOOP.

Bair’s Lodge

Located on the southernmost part of South Andros, this incredible lodge offers anglers direct access to a large fishing area of totally unspoiled flats – and it’s not just a haven for anglers. Thanks to the picture-perfect setting of the lodge and beautifully unspoiled beaches, it’s also non-fisher friendly, making it perfect for holidays with mixed groups.

When you stay at this plantation-style lodge, you’ll enjoy full-board catering with all of your food and drinks included. With specially crafted menus full of fresh ingredients and local produce, you’ll get to sample both indigenous and international dishes, as well as a range of freshly-baked bread, pastries and cookies. After a hard day’s fishing, you’ll enjoy cold beers, spirits and soft drinks, with appetisers served on the veranda – the perfect way to relax before dinner.

You’ll have a fly fishing guide, with one guide for every two anglers, who’ll decide where the best location for fishing is each day, based on the weather and what kind of fishing the guests want to do that day. From wading to boat fishing, and from targeting individual bonefish to focusing on larger schools of fish, there will be ample opportunities to try your hand at plenty of different types of fishing in your pursuit to catch bonefish.

The lodge is well-equipped for anglers, with rod racks, outdoor showers and a hose with fresh water to wash down tackle after a (hopefully!) successful day of fishing, and there’s also an on-site shop stocked with bone fishing tackle and equipment, and wifi throughout the lodge.

Want to learn more about the breathtaking Blair’s Lodge? Take a look at our lodge overview and get in touch to find out more.

LOOP Travel - Bair's Lodge fly fishing lodge in the Bahamas

Best clothing for fly fishing in the Caribbean

The types of fly fishing clothing you’ll need in the Bahamas depends on the time of year you choose to travel.

Those who are beating the rush and travelling in the early season of October and November may need an extra level of waterproof protection from the likely tropical showers. This Unisex Anorak from LOOP is a stormproof, lightweight outer shell designed keep you totally dry, no matter what the elements throw at you.

In winter (December-January), the average air temperature drops, and you may even find yourself a little chilly in the mornings. Combat this with these lightweight Stalo Stretch Pants and Wind Blocker Beanie.

Finally, in spring (February-May), it may get a little windy and from April, it can be quite warm. These lightweight Logo T-Shirts make brilliant base layers when the weather is unpredictable. When you get back to the lodge and want to smarten up for your evening meal, with a cocktail in hand, LOOP has the perfect selection of shirts.

The best fly fishing rod to take to the Caribbean

When travelling to the Caribbean for a fly fishing holiday, we would recommend multi-piece travel rods, like the 6-Piece ZT-Series Travelrod (Double-Hand).

Available in five unique models and a six-piece format designed for easy and safe transportation no matter what the destination, the ZT series is simply the best fly fishing travel companion you’ll ever have.

What to expect from LOOP Travel

LOOP Travel has extensive teams worldwide, all working to give you the best possible advice when travelling the world in search of top-class fly fishing. Our advice is totally free to you and booking with us comes at no extra cost.

Our years of experience between the teams and plethora of knowledge is second to none. Our team members know these destinations backwards, having spent many years guiding, managing or fishing these lodges.

We only sell what we know, meaning we only offer the best possible advice and products.


If you’re looking for some of the best bonefishing in the world, you can’t go wrong with the Bahamas – although, as we’ve discussed, there’s also a plentiful supply of other kinds of fish to be found on these beautiful islands. From Blair’s Lodge, you’ll have ample opportunity to experience the best fishing the Bahamas has to offer – but if you fancy a trip elsewhere, LOOP Travel also has a fantastic selection of destinations around the world, from Australia to the Seychelles.