Fly Fishing in Argentina: The Ultimate Guide

Over the last thirty years, Argentina has become one of the top fly fishing destinations in the world where anglers can land serious trophy fish. What’s more, it offers a hugely diverse range of locations.

The sub-tropical jungles in the north of Argentina, offer you the chance to discover the exotic and elegant Golden Dorado. While the often blustery and winding stretches of the Rio Grande in the south have been known to provide incredible Sea Trout fishing.

No matter which area you choose for your fly fishing trip, they’re all ideal for experiencing the very best this part of the world has to offer when it comes to angling opportunities set against stunning scenery.

Our Ultimate Guide covers everything you need to plan your Argentinian fly fishing adventure. From where to travel to and the best time of year to go, to an exploration of the many areas for fly fishing in Argentina, the lodges available and the best gear to buy or take with you on your trip.

Join us on a journey to discover just what this beautiful part of the world holds in store.

Where to fly to in Argentina for your fly fishing trip

First up you will need to fly to Buenos Aires, and then overnight into a local hotel. From there, you will depart from the Buenos Aires domestic airport the next morning, on a flight to either Ushuaia or Rio Grande airports – depending on your chosen fly fishing destination within Argentina.

If you book one of LOOP Travel’s Argentina fly fishing trips, you’ll be accompanied directly to your booked lodge, for a hassle-free travelling experience and the perfect way to begin your Argentine fly fishing adventure.

The best time of year to go fly fishing in Argentina

The first few months of the year are when fly fishing conditions are at their very best in Argentina. The weather on the Rio Grande does not fluctuate a huge amount during the season and the scenery remains breathtaking throughout.

Typically the fresh fish will run the river from January to early March, with anglers having ample opportunity to perfect their casting technique during these weeks.

Late January tends to have the largest push of sea trout. Rather than entering the river in one big run like salmon, sea trout constantly trickle into the river throughout the season. So casting during any of these early months is likely to be worthwhile, with no need to rush and plenty of time to take in your stunning surroundings whilst fishing.

Fly fishing on the Rio Grande in Argentina

With yearly returns in the tens of thousands, the Rio Grande is host to the world’s largest and most consistent run of sea trout. Situated in Tierra del Fuego in southern Argentina, this remote and isolated area is a dream fly fishing destination.

Anglers can average up to four fish per day, with records of 30 pound fish. This really is a prime spot to cast your rod and wait for a catch.

The river has a pea-gravel bottom, making it great for wading and suitable for single-hand rods. And with an abundance of beautiful, clear water to navigate, it is difficult to resist dipping in for a closer piece of the action.

Fly fishing on the Rio Grande should be on every angler’s bucket list. Keep reading to learn about the different fly fishing lodges available from LOOP.

Tierra del Fuego: Kau Tapen Lodge

The legendary Kau Tapen Lodge was the first fishing lodge built on the magnificent Río Grande. Anglers from all over the world have enjoyed its hospitality down the years, creating fly fishing memories to last a lifetime.

Today, Kau Tapen Lodge typically hosts 10-12 rods weekly, all eager to hook their share of some of the best sea run brown trout in the world.

When the day’s angling is done, the Lodge, which dates back to 1984, offers a roaring fire and a well-stocked bar. Perfect conditions for sharing some fly fishing tales with old friends and new acquaintances alike.

Have a read of our Kau Tapen Lodge overview for even more details about this breathtaking destination and enquire today.

Lower Rio Grande: Villa Maria

The lodge building that is now Villa Maria was once the ranch manager’s family home. In recent years it’s been completely transformed into a modern fishing escape.

Located on the middle river, close to tidal water, this is a dream destination for anglers with sea run brown trout in their sights. Hosting 10 rods weekly, Villa Maria is a regular witness to personal bests being beaten and new achievements made, as guests make the most of the ample water to swing flies, relax and enjoy.

The well-stocked on-site tackle shop is the icing on the cake of this wonderful Argentinian setting.

Check out our example fly fishing itinerary and begin planning your own adventure with a browse of our overview of the fantastic Villa Maria fishing lodge.

Fly fishing for Golden Dorado in Corrientes

Located on the eastern shore of the Paraná River, around 1,000 km from Buenos Aires, Corrientes is a fly fishing paradise. One of the best destinations for Golden Dorado in the world, the pristine, crystal clear waters glisten with opportunity. Sight fishing here is an absolute must.

Exceptionally beautiful creatures to target on the fly, Golden Dorado are well-known for their ferociousness, strength, and brute power. It is their aggressive strikes and incredible acrobatic fights that make these fish such a wonderful challenge, catching the imagination of anglers keen to witness their majestic nature for themselves.

Once one of Argentina’s best kept secrets, today this far out destination is easily accessible, with an abundance of Golden Dorado awaiting the keen angler.

Read on for details about the different fly fishing lodges available in this region from LOOP.

Ibera Marshlands: Pirá Lodge

Built with exquisite Corrientes style and pride, Pirá Lodge enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of the vast wetlands. Where better to relax after a day’s fishing for the most aggressive freshwater fish in the world than amidst the Ibera Marshland and its vast system of crystal-clear creeks, deep flowing rivers, and shallow lakes?

Designed by award-winning architects to respect traditional regional elegance, Pirá Lodge offers all of the comforts and luxuries of a contemporary hotel, combined with a distinctive Argentinian charm.

Nestled within the Ibera Marshlands, within 1,300,000 hectares of Natural Reserve, the enticing water of the Corrientes River with its abundance of Golden Dorado awaits, an easy 15 minutes south of the lodge itself. Make yourself at home, with the 5-bedroom lodge, boasting ample room for up to 10 guests.

Our Pirá Lodge overview includes an example fly fishing itinerary and all the details you need to plan your stay in this breathtaking destination.

Best gear for fly fishing in Argentina

The weather in Argentina, especially Tierra Del Fuego, can be brutal. Strong winds and potential cold evenings mean you need to be well-equipped.

January to early March may be the best months for fly fishing, but there may be more than just a slight chill in the air, despite this being summer and into early Autumn in Argentina. The northern regions of the country tend to be warmer than the south, but when you’re on the water and the breeze picks up you’ll want to layer up.

Fly fishing in Argentina requires some careful packing to ensure you will be comfortable, dry and warm, whatever the weather.

Clothing-wise, the elements can be combated with our Torne Wading Jacket, This hardwearing fishing jacket will keep you dry and warm throughout your fly fishing adventure.

Layering shells, such as our Onka Jacket, are also great for staying warm. Windproof and water-resistant, this is a great all-rounder to pack ahead of heading to the streams.

What size rod should I take to the Rio Grande?

If you’ve never travelled to enjoy fly fishing before, you might need a little guidance when choosing what equipment you’ll need to pack. We recommend that to get the most out of your experience that you take at least two rods with you on your trip to Argentina.

A smaller rod like the ZT-Series Travel Rod is more effective in the evening, when the wind has died down. Plus, this multi-piece rod perfectly combines strength and lightness whilst maintaining the progressive casting taper that has become synonymous with LOOP.

For tougher weather conditions, you’ll benefit from using a larger rod such as the 7X Medium Fast Action Double-Hand Rod. Pack both and you are well set for an excellent fly fishing experience, whatever the weather brings.

Browse the LOOP Fly Fishing Travel Shop and take stock of all your equipment needs before you travel.

What to expect from LOOP Travel

LOOP Travel has extensive teams worldwide, all working to give you the best possible advice when travelling the world in search of top-class fly fishing.

Our advice is totally free to you and booking with us comes at no extra cost.

Our years of experience between the teams and plethora of knowledge is second to none. Our team members know these destinations backwards, having spent many years guiding, managing or fishing these lodges.

We only sell what we know, meaning we only offer the best possible advice and products. Together we can ensure your fly fishing experience in Argentina is incredible..

Make Argentina your next fly fishing destination

From the Golden Dorado waters in the north, to Patagonia, and the sea-run brown trout rivers in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina has so much to offer any travel-thirsty fly fishing enthusiast.

Combine the stunning terrain and perfect angling conditions with exceptional lodges in ideal locations, for the ultimate Argentinian fly fishing experience that really is a trip of a lifetime.

Looking for more inspiration to plan the fishing trip of your lifetime? Take a look at LOOP Travel’s whole range of fly fishing holiday destinations and the amazing accommodation available.